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April 16, 2013 by rfid


                                       Import Utility in Oracle

         The Import utility provides a simple way for you to transfer data objects between Oracle databases,even
if they reside on platforms with different hardware and software configurations.
         When you run Export against an Oracle database, objects (such as tables) are extracted, followed by
their related objects(such as indexes, comments, and grants), if any. The extracted data is written to an export dump
file.The Import utility reads the object definitions and table data from the dump file.Data Pump Import is a utility
forloading an export dump file set into a target system.The dump file set is made up of one or more disk files that
contain table data, database object metadata, and control information. The files are written in a proprietary,
binary format.Import can also be used to load a target database directly from a source database with…

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